Relationship Coaching

Imag­ine you could end the suf­fer­ing that comes from lack of con­nec­tion and love. Imag­ine hav­ing untold love for your­self, for your part­ner, and from your part­ner in a last­ing rela­tion­ship.

When coach­ing peo­ple in rela­tion­ships, Sal­ly helps you look at your union from three per­spec­tives: you, your part­ner, and the rela­tion­ship itself. She believes and has proven that even one per­son can change the dynam­ics in a rela­tion­ship. The key is they have to want to do the work.

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Dating Coaching

Any rela­tion­ship coach in Los Ange­les has heard it before, and so have you – In Los Ange­les it is dif­fi­cult, if not impos­si­ble, to date suc­cess­ful­ly. All the good ones are tak­en. I meet only creeps. The men I meet are imma­ture or untrust­wor­thy or flakes. Meet­ing is hard. Choos­ing is hard. Dat­ing is hard. Cou­pling is hard. Stay­ing togeth­er with the hope of build­ing a great rela­tion­ship is even hard­er.

Sal­ly Lan­dau is a rela­tion­ship and dat­ing coach in Los Ange­les who knows dif­fer­ent­ly. She has proven in her own life, and can prove to you that you can find the love you seek in Los Ange­les, or any­where.

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