Relationship Coaching

Imagine you could end the suffering that comes from lack of connection and love. Imagine having untold love for yourself, for your partner, and from your partner in a lasting relationship.

When coaching people in relationships, Sally helps you look at your union from three perspectives: you, your partner, and the relationship itself. She believes and has proven that even one person can change the dynamics in a relationship. The key is they have to want to do the work.


Dating Coaching

Any relationship coach in Los Angeles has heard it before, and so have you – In Los Angeles it is difficult, if not impossible, to date successfully. All the good ones are taken. I meet only creeps. The men I meet are immature or untrustworthy or flakes. Meeting is hard. Choosing is hard. Dating is hard. Coupling is hard. Staying together with the hope of building a great relationship is even harder.

Sally Landau is a relationship and dating coach in Los Angeles who knows differently. She has proven in her own life, and can prove to you that you can find the love you seek in Los Angeles, or anywhere.


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