Relationship Coaching


Imag­ine you could end the suf­fer­ing that comes from lack of con­nec­tion and love. Imag­ine hav­ing untold love for your­self, for your part­ner, and from your part­ner in a last­ing rela­tion­ship.

When coach­ing peo­ple in rela­tion­ships, Sal­ly helps you look at your union from three per­spec­tives: you, your part­ner, and the rela­tion­ship itself. She believes and has proven that even one per­son can change the dynam­ics in a rela­tion­ship. The key is they have to want to do the work.

As you con­sid­er your com­mon com­plaints, ingrained pat­terns, and unful­filled expec­ta­tions and tru­ly take respon­si­bil­i­ty for your actions, for what works and what doesn’t, your rela­tion­ship can mend, grow and devel­op. Instead of opt­ing out of the rela­tion­ship, you opt in, and you draw togeth­er instead of apart. Love and romance can flour­ish.

With Rela­tion­ship Coach Sally’s sup­port, you’ll learn how to:

  • Own your par­tic­i­pa­tion in con­flicts as they arise
  • Appre­ci­ate your partner’s strengths, while accept­ing all the weak­ness­es
  • Re-ignite the pas­sion for your part­ner
  • Com­pre­hend the dif­fer­ence between being right and being lov­ing
  • Con­trol your need to be right all the time
  • Rec­og­nize your bound­aries and express them con­struc­tive­ly
  • Know when to stay and when to leave a rela­tion­ship
  • Sup­port your partner’s growth with love and com­pas­sion
  • Resolve con­flicts with affec­tion and humor
  • See your rela­tion­ship as a vehi­cle for your own growth and learn­ing